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Roger Langley

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Roger Langley's interest in skiing began in 1924 when, as a teacher at Eaglebrook School in Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA he set up a slalom course on a hill close to the school which led to the establishment of the first junior ski program in the United States.  At that time, alpine competition, both Downhill and Slalom, was virtually unknown outside of Europe.  From this beginning came a long and distinguished involvement in the sport spanning over four decades. 

An American, he showed a keen interest in the development of skiing in Canada.  From 1936 - 1953, he attended most of the meetings of the Canadian Amateur Ski Association (CASA) forging formidable bonds of friendship and mutual cooperation.  In turn, delegates from the CASA would attend the annual meetings of the United States National Ski Association (NSA), exchanging ideas and both giving and receiving advice.  One of the most beneficial ideas emerging from the relationship was the idea that launched the Canadian Ski Patrol System. It was during the National Downhill and Slalom Championships held in Stowe, Vermont in March 1938, that Roger Langley met Charles Minot ("Minnie") Dole, chair of preparations for the event. From that meeting came the idea for a National Ski Patrol which quickly became a reality. (It was the US National Ski Patrol system which supplied the men for the 10th Mountain Division, famed mountain troops of World War ll. ['CLICK' BELOW TO READ FULL BIOGRAPHY]


Active Period:  1924 - 1958

Inducted:  1986

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