Hall of Famer

Dennis Adkin

Affiliated Discipline(s): Alpine
Date of Birth / Death: 1919 - 2005
Hometown: Montior, Alta
Active Career Period: 1946 - 1971
Induction CSHF: 1983
Induction Category: Builder
Dennis Adkin. CSHFM Collection.

Dennis Adkin was elected to the Canadian Ski Association, Saskatchewan Division, October 1966, as a zone vice-president, April 1970, and president, May 1971.

As president, Dennis Adkin was responsible for steering the Saskatchewan Division, an organization with few dedicated programs, few clubs, and in debt, to one of the largest sports organizations in the province with a solid financial base.

Competitive events, all sponsored, were organized in alpine, cross-country and freestyle, with all three disciplines represented in regional and national competition. Courses were held in all disciplines for instructors, coaches and officials as well as training camps for athletes.

As president of the Saskatchewan Division, he also became a director of the Canadian Ski Association, a national vice-president and served several terms as chair of the Division presidents.

At the same time, he served on the Sask Sport Trust a body responsible for distributing the proceeds from provincial lotteries. He was awarded one of the organization’s first sports administration awards given by Sask Sport, the provincial federations of sports governing bodies.

Adkin’s involvement with skiing began as a member of the London (Ontario) Ski Club in 1946. In 1948, he became president of the club serving 11 years in that capacity and 15 years as a director. During his period as president, club membership increased from 170 to 1900.

As president, he became involved in the Southern Ontario Ski Zone of the Canadian Ski Association and in the early 1950s was elected chair of the national constitution and by-laws committee. He was elected president of the Ontario Zone in 1964 and became, automatically, a director of the Canadian Ski Association.

He moved to Saskatoon in 1965, became involved in the local skiing scene, and became a member of the committee which successfully prepared the submission that awarded the Canada Winter Games to Saskatoon.


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Dennis Adkin, January 1990 Weaver Park – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan