The Mackenzie Investments Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and Museum is committed to having transparent, effective, and publicly accountable governance.

Governed by a Board of Directors and accountable to the membership, the Board strives for efficient and sustainable operations delivered through a large number of volunteers and specialized services. This section of the website relates to the processes and structures used to direct and manage the organization’s operations and activities. 

As the only nationally mandated Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and Museum, we work to tell a national coast-to-coast-to-coast story that spans all Alpine and Nordic-related disciplines. This national collaboration and sharing in its different potential forms align with the goal of building awareness and appreciation for our snowsports heritage.  It also operates to serve to help spread and share the stories, activities, and achievements of so many Canadians across multiple regions and disciplines.

By sharing the stories, history, and successes in the domain of snowsports, we aim to inspire people to experience snowsports, at any age and to share these inspirational stories with young Canadians.

Our Objectives

  • To foster awareness of the heritage of skiing and snowboarding and its contribution to Canadian society, economy, and culture.
  • To acquire, conserve and promote artifacts and archival assets that reflect Canada’s skiing and snowboarding heritage.
  • To honor individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to Canadian skiing and snowboarding.
  • To nurture a sense of community, tradition and goodwill among those dedicated to the recognition of the Canadian skiing and snowboarding experience.
  • To support endeavors of other partners with shared and complementary interests.

Key Areas of Focus

Members of our Board offer their volunteer time to lead and guide our organization as well as chair various committees. These time-consuming areas of effort include: Finance, Governance, Events, Marketing and Communications, Hall of Fame Selection, Fundraising and other special project related committees.

In addition to the regular and ongoing work of our Board committees, there are currently two major projects being directed by the Board. In response to current realities in which we all find ourselves living, the Board has requested that our Marketing and Communications Chair lead a team of experts in the redesign and development of our web and social media presence.

We are also excited about remaining focused on the establishment of a new physical home in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. This is a special place where most enthusiasts and historians would agree is the “birthplace” of Canadian skiing.

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These Bylaws govern and relate to the general conduct and affairs of the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and Museum
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