Canadian Ski History Articles

Canadian Ski History Writers Project

The Canadian Ski History Writers Project is an ongoing collaboration between the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and Museum and the International Skiing History Association (ISHA). Initially the project was funded by The Chawkers Foundation, with the goal to preserve and celebrate Canada’s skiing heritage — and to raise awareness about this rich legacy within Canada and internationally — by commissioning and publishing well-researched, authoritative articles both online and in print.

The articles below were published in ISHA’s print journal, Skiing History, which is distributed in print to more 1,500 avid skiers, ski historians, ski museums, ski-industry leaders, and former and current World Cup and Olympic competitors around the world—primarily in the United States and Canada. The articles are available for free download by clicking on the links below.

Articles (from most current)

  1. Canada’s Team at the 1936 Olympics, by Lori Knowles (published April 2023)
  2. Canada’s Forgotten Ski Center, by Joseph Graham and Pierre Dumas (published Oct. 2020)
  3. Excellence on the Escarpment, by Lori Knowles (published September 2019)
  4. The Slim Look, Irving Margolese profile, by John Fry (published December 2018)
  5. Penguin Power! by Cara Armstrong and Lori Knowles (published June 2018)
  6. The Art of the Unexpected, by Lori Knowles (published November 2017)
  7. Quebec’s All-Time Ski Area Inventory, by Jeremy Davis (published July 2017)
  8. Hill 70 at Mont St. Sauveur, by Bob Soden (published June 2017)
  9. Loads of Fun on Ski and Snow, Snow Trains, by Corey Ford (published May 2017)
  10. All or Nothing, Nancy Greene’s 1967 World Cup title, by Michel Beaudry (published March 2017)
  11. The Firth Twins – Shirley and Sharon profile, by Bob Woodward (published January 2017)
  12. Grand Dame – Mont Gabriel celebrates 80 years, by Robert Miron (published November 2016)
  13. The Man Who Came to Dinner and Stayed a Year, by E. John B. Allen (published November 2016)
  14. North America’s Ski City – Montreal, by Bob Soden (published September 2016)
  15. The Lost Trails of Paul d’Allmen, by Joseph Graham (published April 2016)
  16. Whistler’s Big Birthday, by Michel Beaudry (published February 2016)
  17. Sweet Success – Bee Hive competition, by Caroline Forcier Holloway (published March 2014)
  18. Made in Canada – Canadian Ski Manufacturers, by Bob Soden (published September 2013)
  19. Mount Washington – Skiing Vancouver Island, by Jenny Clayton (published August 2013)
  20. The Queen’s Winter Reps – Governors General of Canada, by Amy Tector (published November 2012)
  21. Revelstoke – British Columbia Comeback, by Jenny Clayton (published August 2012)
  22. Mt Norquay – Alpine Training Ground, by Jacqueline Louie (published May 2011)
  23. Canada’s Johnny Fripp, by Lori Knowles (published March 2011)
  24. The Crazy Canucks, by Michel Beaudry (published August 2011)
  25. Golden-Girl Anne Heggtveit, by Lori Knowles (published December 2010)
  26. McGill vs. Dartmouth: A Storybook Rivalry, by Tom Peacock (published Sept. 2010)
  27. E Pluribus Skium – Canadian Ski Instructors history, by Bryon Rempel (published June 2010)
  28. The Crazy Canucks, book reviews, by Michel Beaudry (published June 2010)
  29. Chalet Cochand – Part 2, by Chas Maclean Cochand (published March 2010)
  30. The Incredible Emile Cochand – Part 1, by Chas Maclean Cochand (published Dec. 2009)