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Nels Nelsen

1894 - 1943

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Although Nels Nelsen is remembered primarily for his daring and skill as a champion ski jumper, his contribution to the development of the sport of skiing in Western Canada was perhaps even more impressive. 

Born in Norway in 1894, he arrived in Revelstoke, British Columbia as an immigrant in 1912.  Within two years of his arrival, he had established himself as a driving force in the local skiing community, organizing its first winter carnival and ski tournament in 1915 on a small hill on the lower slopes of Mount Revelstoke, located in the Mount Revelstoke National Park.  The Revelstoke Ski Club, one of the oldest in Canada, also came into being in the same year largely as a result of his efforts as did a larger hill, variously known as the "Big Hill" or "Suicide Hill", that was later re-named in his memory. 

On February 13th, 1919, the Revelstoke Review reported that:  "The Canadian ski-jumping championship was again landed by Nels Nelsen yesterday for the third time in succession with a largely increased lead for (sic) his former record.  With ideal conditions existing on the hill, and in the presence of two thousand people, he made the phenomenal jump of 170 feet, also capturing the prize for form."
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Active Period:  1914 - 1943

Inducted:  1983

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