Hall of Famer

W. G. Bud Clark

Affiliated Discipline(s): Nordic Combined
Date of Birth / Death: 1910 - 1975
Hometown: Ottawa, ON / Meach Lake, QC
Active Career Period: 1931-1971
Induction CSHF: 1982
Induction Category: Jumping, Nordic Combined, Builder
Bud Clark. CSHFM Collection.

To quote from Eddie MacCabe’s column in The Ottawa Citizen of Friday, January 3, 1975, Bud Clark was “… probably the finest all-round skier to come out of Ottawa and the Gatineau hills… He was the Canadian Nordic combined champion cross-country and jumping, in 1935, and the Canadian Alpine champion, downhill and slalom, in 1939, and veteran skiers can’t recall any other man winning both titles.”

Winner of National Capital Division Cross-Country Championship (Lady Willingdon Challenge Cup)

Winner of the Inter-Collegiate All-round Ski Championships. Won the Combined Championship Title at Lake Placid, New York, U.S.A.

Member of the Canadian National team at the Winter Olympics held in Lake Placid, New York, U.S.A.

Won the Combined Standing by placing 1st in the 10-mile Cross Country race, 2nd place in Downhill, and 3rd place in Jumping representing St Patrick’s College, Ottawa, at the first Canadian University Ski Meet held at the Seignory Club, Montebello, Quebec.

Dominion Champion Ski Runner in the 32-mile race from Ste Agathe, Quebec, to Shawbridge, Quebec.

Member of the Canadian National Team at the Winter Olympics held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

He was an original member of the then Canadian Amateur Sports Advisory Council which prepared a brief to the federal government of Canada to form the basis for ensuing fitness and amateur sport legislation. At this time, he was also a Director of the Canadian Olympic Association, a position he held for a number of years.

Chairman, Technical Committee, Canadian Amateur Ski Association (CASA).

1952 – 1959
President of the Canadian Amateur Ski Association (CASA). 1966
First recipient of the Maki Memorial Trophy for Sportsman of the Year.


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Bud Clark. CSHFM Collection.

[L to R]: Bud Clark, Bob Wallace, Bruce Heggtveit, Cecil Clark. CSHFM Collection.

Bill Ball
Bill Ball (2nd from left) with Bud Clark (far left), members of 1936 Canadian Olympic Ski Team. CSHFM Collection.
Bud Clark
Bud Clark. CSHFM Collection.

Claude Richer (skier) beside Bud Clark, race official. CSHFM Collection.

Bud Clark - on ski racing course
Bud Clark – 1940. CSHFM Collection.

Camp Fortune 1935 [L to R]: ?,?,?, Bud Clark,?, W.B. Thompson, Sigurd Lockeberg. CSHFM Collection.

1936 Canadian Olympic Men’s Ski Team at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany [L to R]: Harry Pangman (manager), Tormod Mobraaten, William George “Bud” Clarke, William “Bill” Ball, Norman Gagné, Karl Johan Baadsvick. CSHFM Collection.

Members of 1932 Canadian Olympic Ski Team [Left to right]: ?, Ed Condon, Sigurd Lockeberg (manager), Louis Grimes (coach), J.P. Taylor, Hubie Douglas, Howard Bagguley, John Currie, Bud Clark, Jacques Landry, Ed McVey. CSHFM Collection.

1932 Canadian Olympic Ski Team at Lake Placid Club Course [L to R]: Sigurd Lockeberg (manager), Louis Grimes (coach), Jostein Nordmoe, Arthur Gravel, Kaare Engstad, John Currie, William “Bud” Clark, Arnold Stone, Robert Lymburne, Howard Bagguley, David Douglas, John Taylor, Ross Wilson, Jacques Landry, Leslie Gagné. CSHFM Collection.

[L to R]: Bud Clark, Sigurd Lockeberg, Clair Seivert, Keith Saunders and Louis Grimes coming across Confederation Square to Chateau Laurier. c. 1929. Canadian Government Motion Picture Bureau (Still Photographic Division.