Hall of Famer

Piotr Jelen

Affiliated Discipline(s): Alpine
Active Career Period: 1970 - 2009
Induction CSHF: 2009
Induction Category: Alpine: Coach
Piotr Jelen. Photo carabins.umontreal.

“Piotr Jelen’s long and distinguished career as a top-level alpine skiing coach has spanned over 40 years, his athletes present at six Olympic Winter Games, and eleven World Championships. Under his direction, skiers have won 24 medals in the international arena, including Mélanie Turgeon’s downhill gold in 2003 at the World Championships…”


Alpine Canada President’s Award

Andrzej Kozbial Award for Instructor of the Year in Canada
Canadian Instructors Association Petro-Canada Award of Excellence


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National Alpine Ski Team 1985-86 [top row]: Todd Brooker, ?, Mike Tommy, Derek Thussler, Gary Athans, Alain Villiard, Paul Boivin, Don Stevens, Don Lyon (coach), Currie Chapman (coach), Max Gartner (coach), Carl Petersen (Fitness Co-ordinator) [2nd row]: Piotr Jelen (coach), Germain Barrette (coach), Bruce Henry (coach), ?, Felix Belczyk, Rob Boyd, Istvan Balyi, Glenn Wurtele [3rd row]: Jim Kirby, Andréa Bédard, Jim Read, Chris Kent, Brian Stemmle, Dan Moar, Chris McIver, Diana Haight, Scott Shaver [4th row]: Karen Stemmle, Laurie Graham, Kerrin Lee Gartner, Liisa Savijarvi, Kellie Casey, Josée Lacasse, Karen Percy. Alpine Canada Alpin.

National Alpine Ski Team 1989-90 Men’s Giant Slalom/Slalom Team [back row]: Ernst Kovac, Alain Villiard, David Duchesne, Greg Peroff, Rob Crossan, Greg Grossmann, Louis-Francois Gagnon, Doug Little, Fraser Dodds. [front row]: Alain Chevalier, Brad King, Mark Bonnell, Piotr Jelen, Eric Villiard, Edi Podivinsky, Brenda Rankin, Guy Berthiaume. Alpine Canada Alpin.