Hall of Famer

Currie Chapman

Affiliated Discipline(s): Alpine
Hometown: Ottawa, ON / Old Chelsea, Que. / Calgary, AB / Sidney, BC
Active Career Period: 1964 -
Induction CSHF: 1993
Induction Category: Alpine, Downhill, Slalom, Giant Slalom, Coach, Official
Currie Chapman 1967-68. Alpine Canada Alpin / CSHFM Collection.

Currie Chapman, was responsible for the Canadian National Women’s Alpine Skiing Program from 1978 – 1988, leading the team to international prominence with 11-World Cup victories, 2-World Championship Medals and an Olympic Medal. Some of the skiers who became internationally prominent under his coaching include, Kathy Kreiner, Gerry Sorensen, Liisa Savijarvi, Laurie Graham and Karen Percy.

He was a member of the Canadian National Alpine Ski Team for 5-years from 1964-1968 and became the first Canadian to graduate from a university through an athletic scholarship; Notre Dame University, Nelson, British Columbia, B.A. degree (majoring in psychology and counseling).

In 1986, he was named “Coach of the Year” by the Canadian Federal Government at the Tribute to Champions event and was a finalist in Air Canada’s Coach of The Year Award in 1987 and 1988.

His book, On the Edge: The Inside Story of the Canadian Women’s Ski Team, (McGraw Hill Ryerson, January 1988) reflected on his coaching philosophy and explored the motivation of elite athletes as they strive to become the best in the world.

1980              Level 4, Canadian Federation of Ski Coaches

1981              Master Coach, The Canadian Association of Coaches

Currie Chapman was inducted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame in 2005.


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Currie Chapman
Currie Chapman – 1968. Alpine Canada Alpin / CSHFM Collection.

Canada’s Currie Chapman (left) coaches at the alpine ski event at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. (CP PHOTO/ COA/C. McNeil) Library and Archives Canada.

National Alpine Ski Team 1965-66
National Alpine Ski Team 1965-66 [top row]: Dan Irwin, Karen Dokka, Nancy Mason, Nancy Greene, Ann Rowley, Stephanie Townsend, Gerry Rinaldi [2nd row]: Pierre Lebrun, Garrie Matheson, Barbie Walker, Heather Quipp, Andrée Crépeau, Currie Chapman, Jacques Roux [3rd row]: Michel Lehman, Peter Webster (Manager), Dave Jacobs (head coach), Verne Anderson (coach), Rod Hebron [3rd row]: Linda Bocock, Wayne Henderson, Peter Duncan, Bob Swan, Kelly Flock, Scott Henderson, Bob Calladine, Keith Shepherd, André Pomerleau. Alpine Canada Alpin.
National Alpine Ski Team 1968-69
National Alpine Ski Team 1968-69 [top row]: Dan Irwin, Bert Irwin, Betsy Clifford, Judy Leinweber, Judy Crawford, Bill McKay, Keith Shepherd [2nd row]: Scott Henderson, Al Raine (head coach), Gary Battistella (coach), Guy Christie (coach), Dan McKim (manager) [bottom row]: Wayne Henderson, John Ritchie, Dave Bruneau, Gerry Rinaldi, Bob Swan, Peter Duncan, Currie Chapman. Alpine Canada Alpin.

Women’s National Alpine Ski Team 1978-79 [L to R] : Gustave Chable (coach), Martine Lesieur, Kathy Kreiner, Marie Dufresne, Ann Blackburn, Laurie Graham, Loni Klettl, Dianne Lehodey, Currie Chapman (coach). Alpine Canada Alpin.

National Alpine Ski Team 1985 [top row]: Currie Chapman (head coach), Jim Kirby, Gary Athans, Chris McIver, Scott Shaver, Glenn Wurtele [2nd row]: ?, Don Stevens, Felix Belczyk, Paul Boivin, Todd Brooker, Chris Kent [3rd row]: Laurie Graham, Andréa Bédard, Karen Percy, Karen Stemmle, Josée Lacasse [bottom row]: Liisa Savijarvi, Diana Haight, Kerrin Lee Gartner. Alpine Canada Alpin.

National Alpine Ski Team 1985-86 [top row]: Todd Brooker, ?, Mike Tommy, Derek Thussler, Gary Athans, Alain Villiard, Paul Boivin, Don Stevens, Don Lyon (coach), Currie Chapman (coach), Max Gartner (coach), Carl Petersen (Fitness Co-ordinator) [2nd row]: Piotr Jelen (coach), Germain Barrette (coach), Bruce Henry (coach), ?, Felix Belczyk, Rob Boyd, Istvan Balyi, Glenn Wurtele [3rd row]: Jim Kirby, Andréa Bédard, Jim Read, Chris Kent, Brian Stemmle, Dan Moar, Chris McIver, Diana Haight, Scott Shaver [4th row]: Karen Stemmle, Laurie Graham, Kerrin Lee Gartner, Liisa Savijarvi, Kellie Casey, Josée Lacasse, Karen Percy. Alpine Canada Alpin.

Women’s National Alpine Ski Team 1986-87 [top row]: Michelle McKendry, Karen Percy, Liisa Savijarvi [bottom row]: Karen Stemmle, Ann Taciuk, Currie Chapman (coach). CSHFM Collection.

Men’s National Alpine Ski Team 1987-88 [top row]: Jim Read, Ralf Socher, Brian Stemmle, Don Stevens [bottom row]: Mike Tommy, Alain Villiard, Glenn Wurtele, Currie Chapman. Alpine Canada Alpin.

Lucille wheeler and Currie Chapman
Lucile Wheeler accepting the induction award on behalf of Currie Chapman during 1993 Canadian Ski Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. CSHFM Collection.
Currie Chapman
Currie Chapman. CBC Sports / Patrick Nichols. CSHFM Collection.