Hall of Famer

Ellis Hazen

Affiliated Discipline(s): Cross-country
Date of Birth / Death: 1910 - 1978
Hometown: Sudbury, ON
Active Career Period: 1948 - 1978
Induction CSHF: 1982
Induction Category: Cross-country
Ellis Hazen. Canadian Ski Yearbook.

Ellis Hazen’s association with skiing began in 1939 when, as a physical education teacher in Sudbury, Ontario, he timed a cross-country ski race. Following the race, his students persuaded him to include skiing as part of the school’s Physical Education program. From that time forward, he worked tirelessly to promoting the sport of skiing among young people, particularly in the schools.

In 1948, he was responsible for organizing what must surely be one of the most unique ski clubs in the world, the Nickelteen Ski Club of Sudbury. Unlike other clubs, it was administered and operated by teenagers attending local secondary schools, each school having its own branch of the club with a member of the branch serving on the executive of the Nickelteen club. Ellis Hazen fostered a sense of responsibility among his young students by allowing them to conduct the club’s business without interference. He stayed in the background to emerge only to join in debate when principles were at stake.

By 1964, the Nickelteen Ski Club had compiled an enviable racing record, accumulating more championships and trophies than any other club in Canada. It surrendered this distinction in 1965, when the Ottawa Ski Club, far larger with ten thousand members, pulled ahead.

He also held various positions with the Canadian Amateur Ski Association (CASA) including Chairman of the Junior Committee, and Director and President of the CASA’s Northern Ontario Ski Zone.

His major interest continued to be junior cross-country skiing and he was instrumental in establishing the Canadian Junior Championships. He was also influential the forming the Nancy Greene skiers’ competitions.


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