Hall of Famer

Jean-Marc Rozon

Affiliated Discipline(s): Freestyle
Hometown: Sherbrooke, Que.
Active Career Period: 1980 - 1991
Induction CSHF: 1997
Induction Category: Freestyle: Aerials, Coach
Jean-Marc Rozon at Freestyle World Cup event in La Clusaz, France, 1986-87. CSHFM Collection.

Jean-Marc Rozon was founder and leader of the world-renowned “Québec Air Force”, a group of Québec -based freestyle skiers who dominated the freestyle World Cup circuit in the 1980s. A member of the Canadian National Freestyle team from 1980 until 1983, and from 1986 until 1991 as a freestyle aerials competitor, he competed on the Federation Internationale de Ski (FIS) circuit from November 1980 until his final event at Mont Gabriel, Quebec, in February 1991.

In that period, he competed in 50 events, stood on the winner’s podium no fewer than 25 times (placed 1st 13 times, 2nd 9 times, 3rd 3 times) and finished in the Top 10 on 39 occasions, an extraordinary record of accomplishment.

He won the overall World Cup Aerials Championship in 1986/87 and again in 1987/88. He also won a Gold Medal in Aerials as a “demonstration sport” at the XV Olympic Winter Games, held in Calgary, Alberta in 1988.

A pioneer in the world of freestyle aerials skiing, he made an invaluable contribution to the sport with the development of water ramps which allowed aerials training to continue throughout the summer months. His coaching expertise in aerials was also employed by the both Norwegian and Swedish Olympic Freestyle teams for the XIX Olympic Winter Games, Salt Lake City, USA. In national competition, he placed 1st in aerials in 1987 and 3rd in 1988.

Competitive highlights in World Cup competition (top ten finishes).
All results noted are for aerials competition on the FIS Freestyle World Cup circuit.

8th place, Oberjoch, Germany

2nd place, Livigno, Italy
2nd place, Tignes, France
10th place, Mont Ste Anne, Quebec
7th place, Poconos, USA
5th place, Paskapoo, Alberta

1st place, Blackcomb Mountain, British Columbia
6th place, Paskapoo, Alberta
2nd place, Adelboden, Switzerland
2nd place, Livigno, Italy
4th place, Oberjoch, Germany
6th place, Tignes, France

2nd place, Angel Fire, USA
2nd place, Angel Fire, USA

4th place, Tignes, France

4th place, Tignes France
1st place, Lake Placid, USA
2nd place, Breckenridge, USA
1st place, Calgary, Alberta
1st place, Mariazell, Austria
2nd place, Voss, Norway
1st place, Oberjoch, Germany
1st place, La Clusaz, France

1st place, Mont Gabriel, Quebec
1st place, Lake Placid, USA
3rd place, Inawashiro, Japan
3rd place, Oberjoch, Germany
1st place, La Clusaz, France
1st place, La Clusaz, France
1st place, Meiringen-Hasliberg, Switzerland

1st place, La Clusaz, France
7th place, Tignes, France
2nd place, La Plagne, France

4th place, Mont Gabriel, Quebec
5th place, Lake Placid, USA
1st place, Breckenridge, USA
4th place, Tignes, France
4th place, Zermatt, Switzerland

3rd place, Mont Gabriel, Quebec


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Front row from left, Louis Morin, Jean-Marc Rozon and Dominique Laroche at Labatt Montreal Brewery in 1982. D. Laroche private collection.

National Freestyle Ski Team c. 1991 [L to R back]: Peter Judge, Richard Peirce, Lane Barrett, Todd Allison, Darcy Downs, Dominick Gauthier, Dave Walker, David Bellehumeur, ? [L to R middle]: Matt Christensen, Craig Young, ?, Nicolas Fontaine, André Ouimet, Jan Bucher, Philippe LaRoche, Jean-Luc Brassard, Christian Marcoux, ?, John Smart, Pat Henry, ? [L to R front]: Lee Lee Morrison, ?, Bronwen Thomas, ?, Julie Stegall, Ashley Herod, Tanya Clarke, ?, ?, Anna Kindy. Canadian Freestyle Ski Association.

Jean-Marc Rozon 1989-90
Jean-Marc Rozon 1989-90. Canadian Freestyle Ski Association.
Podium Freestyle World Cup in La Clusaz, France
Lloyd Langlois (left), Jean-Marc Rozon (center) and Alain LaRoche (right) at Freestyle World Cup in La Clusaz, France.

Keith Nesbitt, Canadian Ski Museum Chair, with Inductee Jean-Marc Rozon at 1997 Canadian Ski Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. CSHFM Collection.

Jean-Marc Rozon | Panthéon des Sports de Sherbrooke

Jean-Marc Rozon - Executing a jump

A leap to success

The two freestyle ski champions Lloyd Langlois and Jean-Marc Rozon offer a conference to motivate your troops. (French)