Penguin Ski Club Slalom and Downhill trophy, 1934.

A tiny Penguin Ski Club Slalom and Downhill silver trophy won by Betty Sherrand on March 11, 1934 at the Penguin Ski Club Slalom and Downhill. Engraved on the trophy are maker marks indicating that the trophy has a silver purity of 0.925 and was made in Birmingham.

Artifact Details

Date: 1934, March 11
Discipline: Slalom
Type: Trophy / Award / Certificate /
Colour: Silver
Material: Silver
Measurements: 6.8cm in length x 6.5cm in width
Markings: Marked on one side of trophy is "P.S.C. Slalom and Downhill March 11th 1934" on the other side, is marked "Won by Betty Sherrard", this side also has the Maker's mark and Hallmarks which read "WMC" for the makers mark and images of an "Anchor" for Birmingham, a "Lion" for the purity mark and the letter "B" for the date.
Catalogue Number: 77.15