The Penguin Ski Club members, c. 1943

[Top row L to R]: Margaret Burden Brunneau, Jean Staniforth Bennett, Joan Tyler, Joey Abbey, Nora Newman, Unknown, Lorna Meagher Casgrain, Beverly Mace, Claire Fisher [bottom row L to R]: Peggy Orr, Lilly Elder Taylor, Rhoda Wurtele Eaves, Jane Bishop, Nancy Mckean, Dorothy Burden Reid, Joan Erzinger, Barbara Wickes Foster, Barbarra McTaggart & son Donald, Alice Johannsen, Peggy Johannsen, Margaret Russell, Betty Capon c. 1943. Photo taken by Rhona Wurtele Gillis.

Artifact Details

Date:c. 1943
Type:Photographs / Slides / Negatives
Colour:black & white
Material:photographic material
Measurements:18 cm by 13.5 cm
Markings:[bottom top L to R]: Peggy Orr,Lilly Elder Taylor,Rhoda Wurtele Eaves,Jane Bishop,Nancy Mckean,Dorothy Burden Reid,Joan Erzinger,Barbara Wickes Foster,Barbarra McTaggart & son Donald,Alice Johannsen,Peggy Johannsen,Margaret Russell,Betty Capon
Catalogue Number:x2006.81.2