Red Birds Ski Club Quebec Kandahar Mt. Tremblant Combined Slalom & Downhill trophy, 1936

“Red Birds Ski Club Quebec, Kandahar, Mt. Tremblant Combined Slalom & Downhill’ trophy awarded to Canadian Ski Hall of Fame member Louis Cochand on March 8, 1936. Trophy is made of silver and is in the shape of a jug with a single handle and a pouring spout. There is a decorative strip around centre of trophy.

Artifact Details

Date:1936, March 8
Type:Trophy / Award / Certificate /
Material:Electroplated britannia metal
Measurements:21cm in length x 19.5cm in width
Markings:Marked on side of trophy is "Red Birds Ski Club Quebec Kandahar Mt. Tremblant March 8, 1936 2nd Place Combined Slalom & Downhill Louis Cochand L.C.C.S.C", on underside of trophy is "WM.A. Rogers Canada E.P.B.M. 690".
Catalogue Number:2001.6.24