Ski Jumper, Côte des Glacis, Quebec, 1918.

A young skier at Côte des Glacis, Quebec, 1918, gets some air off a snow jump while crowd of spectators watch. Skiers arms are raised in the air. The skier in the picture is wearing typical ski clothing of the era – a wool jacket and pants with high leather boots.

The sport of ski jumping was introduced into Canada by Scandinavians in the 1870s. By the early 1900s it had become a popular spectator sport attracting thousands. The dedicated resources needed build the towering jumps provided, in all probability, the impetus for the founding of Canada’s first ski clubs, Revelstoke, British Columbia in 1893, and the Montreal Ski Club, Quebec in 1903.

Artifact Details

Date: 1918
Discipline: Ski Jumping
Type: Photographs / Slides / Negatives
Colour: black and white
Material: photographic paper
Catalogue Number: 70.19.17a,b,c,d,e