Periodical, ski – x2008.248.1a-c

Anne Heggtveit smiles proudly with her Olympic medal on the 1960-1961 cover of the Ottawa Ski Club Year Book.

The Ottawa Ski Club Year Book is the official publication of the Ottawa Ski Club. Page 3 lists the Board of Directors for 1959-1960. There are several advertisements through the publication for several area businesses, including one on page 4 for Heggtveit Sporting Goods Ltd that features a photo of Anne Heggtveit. The year book’s features include: the editorial; the President’s Message by A. George McHugh; Trail Skiing by Ferdie Chapman; Trail Rider Report by Richard Simpson; The Weatherman Reports by F.W. Baker; After Your Accident by W.L. Ball; The Gatineau Ski Patrol by Garry Perkins; Anne’s Gold Medal by Andy Tommy Jr.; The Olympic Jumpers by Franz Baier; Ski Jumping by Paul Berniquez; The Midget Ski Program 1959 – 1960 by W.L. Ball; Children’s Ski Program for 1960-61 by Harry Rosewarne; The Statistics and Mechanics of Ski Injuries by W.L. Ball; Ottawa Ski Club Inc. financial statements for the year ending June 30, 1960; The Partnership of the O.S.C. and its Concessionaires by Bob McGiffin; Square Dance Fun at Fortune by Jessie Fear; The Ottawa Ski Club’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations by Bert Marshall; Economy Skiing – Camp Fortune Style by John Clifford; Competitive Skiing 1960 by David Midgley; The Cycle of Ski Techniques by Alex McDougall.
(b) is the Ottawa Ski Club Bulletin (1960-61 Season, No. 1) highlighting work done on the facilities in the off season and the other items of interest to the membership for the upcoming season. It is also noted that Anne Heggtveit would be presented with the Pery Medal from the Ski Club of Great Brittain on Saturday, November 26th at the National Museum. The bulletin is folded and tucked between the pages of the journal itself.
(c) is notice of the Gatineau Ski Zone Movie Nights, listing dates, times, location (Ottawa Technical High School Auditorium), and which films will be shown. The notice is tucked between the pages of the journal with (b).

Artifact Details

Date: 1961
Type: journal
Colour: black and white; red on cover
Material: paper, ink, staples
Measurements: journal (a) is 23 cm high x 15.5 cm wide x .5 cm thick; (b) is 35.5 cm x 21.5 cm; (c) is 21.5 cm x 13.9 cm
Markings: Several company logos throughout the publication.
Catalogue Number: x2008.248.1a-c