Kathy Kreiner, helmet, c. 1970.

Kathy Kreiners personalized helmet, painted with care by her mother. The front of the helmet bears a maple leaf in front of a dazzling star and moon, the back showcases a soaring Canada goose over trees and water. The helmet was later gifted to Angela Gougeon, who proudly wore the helmet during her races. Gougeon wrote, “It was a huge thrill to follow Kathy (or try to keep up with Kathy). … She was kind to younger ski racers. … It was an honour to wear Kathy’s helmet.”

Artifact Details

Date: pre-1972
Discipline: Downhill
Type: Clothing / Equipment / Bibs
Colour: red, white, black, brown, blue, green, yellow
Material: plastic, metal, foam, vinyl/leather, cloth lacing, paint
Measurements: approximately 25 cm front to back, 19 cm side to side (ear to ear) and 17 cm top to bottom (when resting flat)
Markings: There are three paintings by Kathy Kreiner's mother on the helmet: a maple leaf at the front of the helmet; a flying grey bird over trees and water at the back of the helmet; and a yellow crescent moon and blue star at the back near the crown of the helmet.
Catalogue Number: 2008.250.1