“Jackrabbit” Ski Wax for dry snow.

Herman “Jackrabbit” Smith Johannsen’s son Bob was a chemist as well as a skier. In the 1930s, he invented Jack Rabbit Ski Lacquer and set up a factory on the back veranda to manufacture it, recruiting the family and any unsuspecting visitors to help. Jackrabbit himself was the official salesman. This specific product reads “Cross-Country Ski Wax Manufactured & distributed by Peggy Austin Enterprises, Montreal, Quebec”. With a speedy skiing rabbit on the front.

Artifact Details

Discipline: Cross-Country
Type: Wax / Waxing Accessories
Colour: box: silver, blue red; contents: brown
Material: box: cardboard, ink, foil, adhesive; contents: ski wax
Measurements: 8.8 cm long x 4 cm wide x 2.1 cm thick
Catalogue Number: 87.51