Book – x2008.214.1

“Jackrabbit: His First Hundred Years” is “A tribute to Herman ‘Jackrabbit’ Smith-Johannsen on the occasion of his One Hundredth Birthday” compiled by Brian Powell, containing an interview with Jackrabbit and some 50 tributes from friends. Including this heartfelt tribute; “But it is not only the skill of a sportsman that this book honours; rather it is the man himself – for surely few men in any time have touched the lives of so many so profoundly.Taped to the inside front cover is Herman Smith Johannsen’s obituary, clipped from the newspaper.
Inside the book, the following is inscribed “To Eddy Dubois with my best wishes Chief Jack Rabbit Oct. 6, 1980” and handwritten at the top of the page is “Died Jan 5, 1987 in Norway.”

Artifact Details

Date: 1975
Type: Books / Library materials (not magazines/ journal)
Colour: grey, black, white, blue
Material: paper based
Measurements: Book is 18.2 cm wide, 26.2 cm high and 2 cm thick
Markings: (C) Collier Macmillan Canada, Ltd.
Catalogue Number: x2008.214.1