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TIME FOR LIFTOFF – New website, renewed mission

Newly-launched virtual museum showcases the Canadian snowsports legends, innovators and pioneers

Welcome to our new Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and Museum (CSHFM) website. We hope you like this new look and feel.

More than ever, we are committed to celebrating and enhancing the awareness of Canada’s skiing and snowboarding traditions and accomplishments. Our mission is to honour the pioneers and visionaries that make these sports special and to preserve the stories for future generations.

Our promise is to provide our members a meaningful, interesting, and lasting relationship. Stories of Canadian ski and snowsports history are the fabric of this promise. Our history is rich and the volume of stories are vast. We are providing access to the many artifacts and stories of the innovators, pioneers and builders who paved the path for the sport which we all enjoy today.

Rebuilding our web presence and transitioning to a virtual museum has been an incredible journey and has revitalized our mission and promise.

Our storytelling journey has just begun. The content team and collections curators have been hard at work for over two years in this new journey, but in some way’s we’ve just started.

We will continue to develop the artifact section – see The Collection  –which will showcase historical moments through items of significance. We appreciate your patience as we refine and implement this all-important section of the website. The goal for users will be to choose to either search the collection or explore for curated highlights. Much more to come in the months ahead.

In addition, Memorable Moments features foundational and historical moments of skiing and snowboarding in Canada, as well as Remarkable People, which tells in-depth stories of the pioneers, athletes, hall of famers, coaches and others whose remarkable achievements helped define our ski and snowboard heritage.

The Hall of Fame section proudly showcases all of our honoured members and outlines the biographies and career milestones for each member of the Hall of Fame.

A heartfelt thank you to our dedicated Marketing Committee volunteers who gave so much of their passion to this project. A special thank you to Andrée Des Lauriers for her tireless dedication to managing this significant effort.

If you choose to join us as a member you will become part of a community of like-minded snowsports enthusiasts with a shared passion of celebrating this history.

We’re a league of passionate snow-loving people who want to preserve history—and treasure all that this sport has given us. We hope you enjoy the journey …

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Erik Austin, Chairman
Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and Museum