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Nominations for the Class of 2024 are now open!

Is your hero in the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame?

They are the champions of Canadian snowsports and paint a beautiful picture of diverse talent across the nation. They have been recognized at the highest level of achievement in their domains. They are a wonderful celebration of sport and talent. They are the esteemed members of the Mackenzie Investments Canadian Ski Hall of Fame.

Did you know?

All members of the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame are nominated. This means that the Hall of Fame committee relies on submissions for consideration. Is your hero in the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame? If not, consider nominating your champion. You can search here to view the full list of Hall of Famers. Simply enter a name in the search bar, as per the graphic below.

Nomination Process

You can visit the Nomination Information page where you can answer any questions that you may have. You can also visit the Nomination Form, which includes clear instructions, rules and the timeline of the nomination process.

At the Mackenzie Investments Canadian Ski Hall of Fame, we believe in the importance of celebrating the extraordinary success stories of athletes, builders and coaches. These incredible stories are shared in hopes of inspiring the next generation.

Nominations may be received throughout the year but only those fully completed nominations received by May 15th will be reviewed at the next meeting of the Selection Committee.

*Nomination deadline is May 15, 2024.