Welcome to the
Canadian Ski Hall of Fame

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Canadian Ski Hall of Fame

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Welcome to the
Canadian Ski Hall of Fame

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Picture a place that captures the essence of skiing and snowboarding as emblematic winter experiences. Imagine a place that defines who we are as Canadians and opens the window to our rich culture and heritage. Envision a place that celebrates our past, present and future.

That place is here.

Welcome to the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame.

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« Children of the winter never grow old. » Unknown


We highlight the impact skiing and snowboarding have on Canadian lives.

The Canadian Ski Hall of Fame is a national organization that celebrates and enhances the awareness of Canada’s skiing and snowboarding traditions and accomplishments. We honour the pioneers that made these sports great and preserve the history for future generations.

What we do

We commemorate
outstanding individuals

We honour the individuals who have reached the pinnacle of success and or who have significantly contributed to the advancement of skiing and snowboarding in Canada. We pay tribute to their competitive skills, obsession with perfection, forward-thinking vision and exceptional leadership.

We tell the stories that have changed the course of skiing and snowboard history. We mirror how these sports become a way of life for Canadians across the country.

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Where we are

A new home, an epic mission

We are thrilled to call renowned Mont Tremblant our new home. The Mont Tremblant region was awarded the relocation and hosting of the new Canadian Ski Hall of Fame. It is a place to share and experience the major impact of skiing and snowboarding in Canadian society. It is also a place where we will keep our Canadian heritage and skiing and snowboarding DNA alive.

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Together, we’ll bring
the vision to life

Help us inspire future generations to go further, faster and higher. Let’s show them how unstoppable they can be. Donate today to keep the thrills and chills alive. And we’ve got a lot more in store! Sign up to get latest on how we’re putting these Canadian snow sports on center podium.