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Chairman’s Update

Update from the Chair, December 2020

Winter is something we all look forward to…

In these challenging times we remain fortunate to share the joy of the outdoors.  Meaning that despite the challenges of the pandemic with which we are all living we can still go outside and slide on snow.  I think we owe a thank you to ski area owners / operators, ski club leaders, and provincial associations and governments who have and are working hard to make sure we can continue to make winter moments that matter this season. 

The Board and its committees are busy.

You will have read about the work to host our 2019 Induction Event Celebration which was planned, postponed and unfortunately forced ultimately to be cancelled.  This on again, off again was a lot of work and effort for our Events Committee Chair.  We are replanning again.  Stay tuned.

Our Hall of Fame Selection Committee was busy in the background carrying on their important work of receiving and evaluating nominations to the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame.  We are proud to have recently introduced 6 new honoured members as the Class of 2020.

COVID-19 forced us to reflect on our 3 priority “homes” previously outlined for you which are:

Virtual Home
Enhancing our web and social media presence as a key pillar to our National footprint.

Physical Home
Establishing a physical home and National Office.

Itinerant Home
Creating a mobile presence to build more Community Outreach and Education.

Pursuit of our new Physical Home which was our first priority remains important to us and a goal we continue to pursue.  That said, COVID has forced a review of priorities.  So, while we continue to pursue this important goal, we like others “pivoted”.

We have a team working on a renewal of our Digital and Social media presence.  We look forward in the new year to introducing you to this new look, feel and approach.  You can imagine there is much work ahead to move and deliver all of our current content into this new virtual space.  This will take time but we have a plan to do so. 

We are start this journey emphasizing an approach that will:

  • Offer a new experience to visitors accessing content;
  • Use storytelling to share human stories and historical facts in newly created sections like “Memorable Moments” and “Remarkable People”;
  • More effectively honour our Hall of Famers and other trailblazers who contributed to the growth of our sports;
  • Enable us to keep you better informed and engaged in our activities.

Led by our Marketing and Communications Committee we are excited about introducing you to our modernized and renewed presence.

Less exciting perhaps but equally important our Governance and Legal Committee have been working for most of the past year to review, revise and update our Bylaws to be more reflective of the more modern world in which we live in as compared to when our current bylaws were written.

You can sense everyone is busy.  Looking to the future we want to and need to grow our team.  I have written more on this in a previous note.  That said, if you have interest in supporting our mandate:  to promote an understanding, appreciation and celebration of Canada’s skiing and snowboarding traditions and accomplishments, and their significance to Canadian life and identity.  Please drop us a note at

Stay safe!  Please respect and support the Ski Well, Be Well guidelines. Enjoy winter and remember, “a bad day on the slopes is better than a good day in the office”.

Happy New Year!

Stephen Finestone