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Canadian Ski Hall of Fame


The Canadian Ski Hall of Fame is dedicated to the recognition of incredible individuals who have reached the pinnacle of success and/or have greatly contributed to the advancement of the sports of skiing and snowboarding.


The submission period for the 2019 Canadian Ski Hall of Fame nominations is open now and ends on May 15th 2019.

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For information or assistance please contact:

Thank you for your participation in recognizing achievements of incredible people.

Who may submit a nomination:

• Anyone may submit a nomination that meets the category, criteria and comply with nomination rules.

• Restriction – Current members of the Selection Committee may not nominate, nor may they second any submission for candidates.

Nominations must be submitted by 9pm PST, May 15th, 2019 in order to be accepted.

Induction Process

  • 1. Accepted nominations are sent to each member of a Selection Committee for private review and voting.
  • 2. A conference is held with the Selection Committee to discuss the candidates a short list is created.
  • 3. The short list is reviewed by the Selection Committee. Recommended candidates are forwarded to the Board.
  • 4. Upon acceptance from the Board, the Chairman of the Board or his designate will inform the nominators, the nominees and the public.
  • 5. An induction event is planned and held for the honourees.


There are 3 main categories for potential nominees with several subcategories in the Builder and Coaches/Instructor categories. It is also important to note that the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame honors those who have earned special recognition. The categories are as follows:


  • 1. Alpine
    • a. Downhill
    • b. Slalom
    • c. Giant
    • d. Super G
    • e. Alpine Combined
  • 2. Nordic
    • a. Cross-Country
    • b. Biathlon
    • c. Ski Jumping
  • 3. Freestyle
    • a. Moguls
    • b. Ski-Cross
    • c. Halfpipe
    • d. Aerials
    • e. Slopestyle
  • 4. Snowboarding
    • a. Alpine
    • b. Halfpipe
    • c. Slopestyle
    • d. Boarder Cross
  • 5. FreeRide
    • a. Skiing
    • b. Snowboarding
    • c. Mountaineering
    • d. Randonnée


  • 1. Alpine
    • a. Administrators
    • b. Officials
      • i. Race Officials
      • ii. Other Officials
    • c. Contributors
      • iii. Volunteers
      • iv. Medics
      • v. Industry


  • a. Coaches
  • b. Assistant Coaches
  • c. Ski School Directors (Instructors)
  • d. Trainers
  • e. Technicians

Special Recognition

It is important to recognize that there are individuals who have or may contribute to the athletic history of skiing/snowboard sports. These individuals may not fall under a specific category but deserve to be recognized for their exemplary involvement and efforts. This award is to be presented if the individual meets the criteria at the level of a Contributor.

*If you are planning to nominate anyone in the above categories, please read the Criteria and the Nomination Rules before attempting to complete the nomination forms.


Criteria is the standard, conditions and measurements that a nominee may be judged on in order to be considered as an inductee in to the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame.


Any Canadian Citizen who has achieved and been recognized for outstanding achievements or has attained prominence in ski and/or snowboarding sports and whose conduct brings distinction and positive acclamations to the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame, will be considered eligible.

In addition, any individual who has made a major contribution to the development and advancement of the sport in Canada shall be eligible for induction to the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame.

Other General Criteria

  • Sustained involvement in the sports of skiing and/or snowboarding
  • Positive Impact
  • Consideration may be given to those people who are not Canadian citizens

There are 5 descriptive categories for Criteria, which will be used in the Voting Process by the Selection Committee and approved by the Board. Each descriptive category is voted on with a numerical value.

  • 1. Record & Level of Achievement
  • 2. Competition Level
  • 3. Perseverance & Dedication
  • 4. Sustained Commitment
  • 5. Character

You must provide detailed information about all of the descriptive categories in the submission form as provided.


The Canadian Ski Hall of Fame is governed by Policies and Procedures that have been reviewed and accepted by the Board of Directors (March 2016). The Policies are in place for the Selection Committee to provide concise, measurable and transparent guidelines for the Committee who are responsible for the decision of selecting deserving individuals for induction into the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame. The Selection Committee is appointed by the Board and follows specific guidelines for eligibility to serve on the Committee. There are detailed guidelines for categories, criteria and voting processes.

Voting Policies

Once all of the qualified nominations have been accepted and the deadline has closed, each member of the Selection Committee will review and vote privately. Voting is completed using a numerical scale with values attached for each specific criteria category to ensure transparency and fairness. Once the votes have been submitted and the committee has created the short list, the Board will review and confirm the candidates.


  • a. All nominations are to be submitted online using the official nomination forms.
  • b. Links to video and other media must be operational and available.
  • c. All submissions must be complete.
  • d. There shall be an irrevocable closing deadline.
  • e. Only the material requested will be considered.
  • f. Each nomination is reviewed in detail to ensure all required information has been provided.
  • g. Once the nomination deadline for submission has been closed, the nomination packages are compiled and distributed to the Selection Committee to begin review.
  • h. If you omitted information in your initial submission, you must indicate both your full name and your nominee in an email titled: Addendum to Submission. No further information will be accepted past the irrevocable deadline.

NOMINATIONS must be submitted by 9pm PST, May 15th, 2018 in order to be accepted.

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is comprised of 9 members selected by the Board, including the Chair with a minimum of (4) ski/snowboard sport disciplines represented. The members are required to have an overall knowledge of the history, traditions and advancement of ski/snowboard sports. The Selection Committee is responsible for upholding the policies and procedures for inducting honoured members to the Hall of Fame. The voting process and final decision must be confirmed by the Board. The entire process is confidential.