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Stories Span Canada Like Tracks In the Snow and We Bring Them Together

The Canadain Ski Hall of Fame and Museum (CSHFM) is excited about its new location and we are proud Mont Tremblant & the Laurentian region will be the host of this National treasure supporting our purpose to contribute to and share part of the winter experiences that enrich our Canadian culture and heritage.

The CSHFM is led by a national team of passionate ski enthusiasts who along with their love of the sport bring unique skills and personal history supportive of the development and future growth of the CSHFM. Equally important is how the CSHFM will be represented and integrated into Mont Tremblant and the Laurentian region. We are fortunate to have positive regional partnerships which help guide us and shape our vision. The CSHFM team is not only passionate about our sliding sports, we are passionate and caring about Mont Tremblant, and our Heritage venue. Hence it is taking us a bit more time than envisioned to delivery to you what is right and core to this project; a new home that will sustain itself and support a long term future.

As we move ahead we will be creating a gathering place for the celebration of sliding sports. A place to discover our heritage and history take pride in our people and their achievements and experience the spirit of ski. We are proud of where we have come from and we are delighted about what lies ahead.

Thank you for supporting us on our journey and we encourage you to watch our transformation as we develop and launch the CSHFM in our new location and home, where we will continue to share and discover the spirit of ski.

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January 16th 2017 TVCL  VIDEO interview with Jane Chisholm.

For the latest update on the relocation of the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame & Museum in Mont Tremblant, watch the video of Jane Chisholm’s interview aired on TVCL on January 16, 2017. Click on the link.

--  Start of interview at 5 min 15 seconds for Canadian Ski Hall of Fame from its beginnings in Ottawa to the present day status in Mont Tremblant.

--  Start of interview at 13 min 37 seconds for the 2017 Legends Classic.