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The Collection

How to donate an item

The Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and Museum relies upon donations from the public to help build the artifact, photographic and archival collections. If you are considering donating material to the Museum, it is essential that you contact us ahead of time to determine if it is something the Museum is seeking.

  • Prior to an item being brought to the Museum, an Artifact registry form must be completed and mailed/e-mailed/faxed to the Museum with photos of the potential item. Information such as manufacturer's name, model, history of ownership or provenance, details of use, or memorable stories related to the object, all assist assessment of the object relative to the Museum's collection.

  • The Museum will research its collection to determine if the item is of potential interest or if it duplicates item(s) already within the collection (the Museum tries to collect no more than two examples of most items.)

  • Once it is determined that the artifact is unique to the collection, it may be accepted by the Museum. You will be contacted to arrange the delivery of the object to the Museum.

  • At this point a Gift agreement form is filled out and signed by the donor, transferring ownership of the item to the Museum. The item is then formally entered into the collection and it is given a unique number called an Accession number, used to track the item within the collection.

  • Following the acquisition of an item into the collection, it becomes the property of the Canadian Ski Museum, which may preserve, display, or interpret it according to current Museum standards and practices.


Please note that artifacts on physical display in the Museum are only a fraction of all material that the Museum holds within the collections. Donated items may or may not be displayed. Potential donors should be aware that we do not accept donations with conditions.

To eliminate any potential conflict of interest, and to comply with tax regulations, the Museum does not appraise donated items with a dollar value. Donors seeking such an appraisal should consult an independent source.

Please address collections questions to the Curator (link to Contact us page).