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Joseph 'Joe' Ryan

1906 - 1950


Joe Ryan's contribution to the world of skiing was the single-handed development of the internationally well-known and largest ski resort in eastern Canada, Mont Tremblant in Quebec.

A native of Philadelphia, USA, scion of an extremely wealthy family, Joe Ryan had always had an interest in wilderness and, in his youth, spent considerable time exploring the rivers and forests of eastern Canada.  He was first introduced to Mont Tremblant, then a wilderness area, in the 1930s by the late Lowell Thomas, the internationally acclaimed broadcaster.  In 1937, Joe Ryan, accompanied by Lowell Thomas, climbed Mont Tremblant on skis with skins to discover the outstanding views across the Laurentians from its summit.  At the top, an exhausted Joe Ryan was reputed to have said, "This has to be the most beautiful sight in the world.  There is only one thing wrong.  It is too difficult getting up here.  I believe I'll fix that!"... ['CLICK' BELOW TO READ FULL BIOGRAPHY]

Active Period:  1937 - 1950

Inducted:  1982

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