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Artefact 2008.250.1:  Helmet, Ski Racing

Catalog Number 2008.250.1

Front view of a racing helmet that belonged first to Kathy Kreiner, then to Angela Gougeon.


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Artefact Record - Catalog Number 2008.250.1

Helmet, Ski Racing - one

Gift:  Acquired 07/28/2008

Production Date:  pre-1972

Description:  One ski racing helmet, red with a white stripe from front to back, with hand painted designs on it. The helmet belonged to Kathy Kreiner, who gave it to Angela Gougeon to wear to race. There are three paintings, done by Kathy Kreiner's mother, on the white stripe that runs along the centre of the helmet from front to back, of a maple leaf on the front and of a star and moon, and a bird (possibly a Canada Goose) over trees and water.
The donor writes:  "In 1972 I was billeted at the Kreiner's house while doing an INCO Cup race in Timmins. Kathy happened to be home. She was my hero!  ... My father used to say, 'If you want to learn to ski, follow skiers who are better.' ... It was a huge thrill to follow Kathy (or try to keep up with Kathy). ... She was kind to younger ski racers. ... It was an honour to wear Kathy's helmet. I continued racing until 1982 when I retired after spending one year racing World Cup with the National Ski Team."

Markings:  There are three paintings by Kathy Kreiner's mother on the helmet:  a maple leaf at the front of the helmet; a flying grey bird over trees and water at the back of the helmet; and a yellow crescent moon and blue star at the back near the crown of the helmet.

Colour:  red, white, black, brown, blue, green, yellow

Measurements:  approximately 25 cm front to back, 19 cm side to side (ear to ear) and 17 cm top to bottom (when resting flat)

Material:  plastic, metal, foam, vinyl/leather, cloth lacing, paint


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Racing Helmet (2008.250.1) front

Racing Helmet (2008.250.1) side

Racing Helmet (2008.250.1) back

Racing Helmet (2008.250.1) back

Helmet (2008.250.1)

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