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Artefact x2008.102.1a-b:  Document, Race Result

Catalog Number x2008.102.1a-b

Competitive result from February 12, 1927. Jumping competition at Rockcliffe Park, (Ottawa) Ontario.


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Artefact Record - Catalog Number x2008.102.1a-b

Document, Race Result - Two


Manufacturer:  Unknown  Production Date:  February 12, 1927

Description:  A Jumping competition results listing from the "Ontario Championships" held at Rockcliffe Park, (Ottawa, ON) on February 12, 1927. The Judge's signature is S. Lockeberg. The results listing indicates the distance, style and points for first jump, second jump and third jump. Also the final average style and distance. Competitors names listed on Item a include:  A. Griffin(?), D. Powers, H. Fraser, Ca. Beaubrien (?), T. Hogan, P. Knoughton, F. Vincent, L. Poirier, D. Milue, L. Dennis, L. Labelle, Ted Perl, C. Sproule (?), R. Vincent, P. Miller, W. Poitras, Y. Dupuis, L. Lehan, C. Gravel, A Gravel, A. Olsen, and Reinholt.
Competitors on item b include:  H. Burivash (?), C. Fillman, H. Bagguley, A. Couseneau, R. Wallace, A. Ballanger, P. Lefebvre, J. Laudry, R. Gallarney (?), B. Burke. D. Bartrand, F. Barnbrink, N. Lafleur, L. Lafleur, N. Morrissette, L. Gagnon. Z. Steele, A. Shreman (?).

Markings:  Written in pencil at top right appears to be the number 28551.

Colour:  Yellowed and discoloured paper; Black, Blue and Pink lines

Measurements:  27cm in width x 21cm in height

Material:  Paper, printing ink,


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Competitive result (x2008.102.1a)

Competitive Result (x2008.102.1b)

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